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Jan 08 2014


my 3 year old sister of indian heritage already hates the way she looks because she doesn’t look like 99% of the white girls in disney/tv/toys and it breaks my fucking heart. she’s 3 fucking years old and shedding genuine tears because she has dark skin and hair and eyes, so dont dare pull a fucking hissy fit when people actually try to be fucking POC inclusive with something as important as children’s media 

"but it’s an old EUROPEAN fairy tale" yeah suck my dick

It IS an old European fairy tale and maybe that’s the problem. All the stories are old European fairy tales. Where are the old Iroquois stories or the the old Navajo stories? Even the stories that are NAMED for a Native American are told as an old European fairy tale.

Making Cinderella have brown skin is pandering, not inclusive, and it reminds me of the travesty of the Indian school era — taking children and forcing them to forget their traditions and cultures and punishing them for telling their own stories. People are more than the color of their skin, so let’s not just change what the characters look like in the stories, let’s change the stories that get told and how they get told.

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Jan 02 2014





Probably the most important post of 2013.

I don’t want this post to die. I want this post to continue to go around even when tumblr turns into myspace. Even then, I want this post cycling because it is that important.

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Dec 31 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Looking forward to the new year. I’m fully aware, unlike so many of my friends, that the next year can easily be worse than this one, not that this one was the worst I’ve ever seen. Still, I’m preparing to say goodbye to 2 of my mentors in the next year, much before their times, and I’m celebrating the addition of another 4-legged child who is fitting in very nicely. I was introduced to two new mystery book series with characters I adore reading about and I’ve become very good friends with my local public library. I have much to be grateful for and I’ll leave it at that.

Sep 03 2013

iCat …

… is feeling much perkier now that he’s had a couple of days to sleep and eat. We’ve shut the other cats into other rooms a couple of times and opened the door to iCat’s room and he’s ventured out into the hall. He doesn’t like the ceiling fan — too much like a hawk, I think, so I’ve turned it off for today. He’s feeling very secure in his room so I let him go back and sleep a bit and let the other cats back out.

I was worried that he’d be climbing the walls to get back outside but it seems that having a warm, dry, safe place to sleep with plenty of food and clean water and snuggly people may be more appealing than sleeping under a car out in the rain and cold, starving, and afraid for his life.

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As Sometimes Happens…

… a cat showed up the other night and it was mewing pitifully. My husband put out a dish of canned food. The cat finally went to where the food was and ate quickly, keeping a wary eye and ear out for attackers. And then it skulked off. Thursday it showed up again but during the day. After getting the OK from my husband, I put out half of a can of food (do it once, it’s a favor, twice and you have adopted a cat). The cat ate the food and continued toward the house. I poked a spoonful of food out between the door frame and the screen door and the cat ate the food from the spoon. I did that until the food was gone. The cat was still hungry. After a while, I put out a small dish of dry food and stayed a few feet away — the cat ate. Over the last several days, the cat has been in both of our laps, snuggling and purring, has met our two boy cats with only a few hisses exchanged, has used an outdoor litter box, and has run away scared only to return for food and petting and companionship. Yesterday we took it to the vet to see if there was a chip, but there wasn’t. The vet confirmed that it was a neutered male, most likely did not have any contagious, deadly diseases, gave it a check-up, and gave it the basic inoculations.

My husband and I had just been talking about adopting a younger cat to play with our 3-year-old Siamese who has boundless energy and really needs someone younger than our other two 14+ year-old cats to play with. I asked if we should look during summer vacation but my husband said that he wasn’t ready.

Our newest addition is about 18 months old and seems very affectionate and snuggly. He will stand his ground but isn’t aggressive. He is absolutely exhausted from being out on the street (out in the country on his own) and after his veterinary ordeal so he’s sleeping most of the time. He’s shut up in a bathroom and we check on him every few hours. After he stops being hungry and catches up on sleep, we can see who he is — we’ll get a better sense of what he should be called. Meanwhile, he has a lowercase “i” marking on his forehead so we sometimes call him iCat.

I don’t know if he’ll really be happy being a mostly indoor cat but we need to give him the chance — it doubles his life expectancy. He seems willing to try and that’s all we can ask.

Dec 11 2012
Bench Ends

Bench Ends

Nov 23 2012
1st Draft - Metal Turkey Model

1st Draft - Metal Turkey Model

Nov 05 2012
Met frog at end of day

Met frog at end of day

Oct 19 2012
Eyepoint Caves

Eyepoint Caves

Sep 12 2012

The Problem With The Big Bang Theory…


I’ve been meaning to post something about The Big Bang Theory for a while now but it’s taken me ‘till now to really understand what it is about the show that makes me uncomfortable. I’m not exactly a believer in the whole “only write about the things you like, don’t trash the things you don’t” trend which seems to be plaguing comments sections in negative articles lately, but I wanted to be able to really examine why I don’t like TBBT rather than just slagging it off. My main questions being - Why don’t I like this anymore? Why do I feel uncomfortable watching it? And why do I get so annoyed when I see people sing its praises online? The thing which really sparked this post was seeing a raft of comments on Facebook, below the last round of voting in Television Without Pity’s Tubey Awards, claiming The Big Bang Theory to be “the best comedy on TV”. This made me angry so instead of posting an impulsive comment calling out their bad taste which I’d probably regret later, I decided to really analyse why seeing comments like that made me so mad when previously, although I didn’t really love the show, I’d never considered myself as disliking The Big Bang Theory.

Hell, I even have season one on dvd, it’s sitting right between Battlestar Galactica and Bored To Death in my alphabetised collection.

And here, I think, is where my problem with The Big Bang Theory lies…

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I have never watched TBBT but I keep hearing so much about it that I recently decided to try watching it. I never found out where and when it is (okay, I didn’t try THAT hard to find it) and then I came across this article. I think I can pass on it now. It’s in line with what mainstream media does. But this article is really, really good. Nicely done.

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